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Kattints a képre Kattints a képre Kattints a képre
Kattints a képre Kattints a képre
  Kattints a képre  


Kattints a képre Kattints a képre Kattints a képre
Kattints a képre Kattints a képre Kattints a képre





This book proves that the art of cooking has almost inexhaustibly rich treasury. Readers can have a taste of technics, tricks, innovations and different methods used in the gastronomy of plants. The hundreds of spectacular, colourful photos inspire the reader with easy-to-prepare courses to put on an apron or to take a carving knife and to start creating.The special recipes and the hundreds of photos make together the thumbing delightful. This book is to be the source of creating, the key of ingenuity in order to avoid old-fashioned stereotypes. My aim was to encourage you to innovative attitude to make your food more exciting. I hope you will take pleasure in it and will enjoy the masterpieces of the art of cooking waiting for you.

Károly Varga
Venesz-award winner master chef


„The great thing in this is how fascinating forms can be created from totally ordinary ingredients providing pleasure for those who can enjoy the sight. Actually even they decorate the table of a welcome ceremony or make the served dishes more attractive and desirable on the plate, thanks to its simplicity many people take a fancy to vegetable-carving, morover, even amateurs cannot help trying their skills after these presentations. I highly appreciate Karcsi’s art of cooking in case of hot food and ’cold’ vegetable statues, too. I believe that it is his fantastic merit, thanks to his talent and kind personality, that the attention of the professionals has been called to the fact that also the art of cooking can be practised on an artistic level and that a good cook can have high standards to give great pleasure not only on competitions but also every day. Karcsi is always full of ideas, plans and I wish he would manage to realise them – for all of our pleasure.”

Mária Etele
Directress of Hoventa Exhibition



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I was born in 1962, in a small town of Bacs-Kiskun County, Szabadszallas. During my teenage years I would’ve never imagined that one day my life will be determined by gastronomy, I decided to become a chef because of the instigation of my Mother. I studied in Kecskemet ( county town of Bacs-Kiskun), this is where my career started from and this is where I live with my family today. All over the world I have attended numerous gastronomical exhibitions and competitions. I had the chance to make the public acquainted with my work in the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, repeatedly in Austria, Germany, Luxemburg, Paris and many other European countries and cities. Thanks to Mr Alwin Moor, I was able to introduce to and share the Hungarian cuisine with the public in Switzerland for many years. With great success I demonstrated culinary art in Africa, America ( Chicago and New York) in Asia, from Dubai to Singapore. During the Culinary Art World Expo 1999, Seville, I managed the Mathias Rex restaurant as its Master Chef. Back home I worked in excellent places as the Liberte Coffee House in Kecskemet or the five start Casino Restaurant in Budapest. I have attended 4 World Championships and now I am getting ready for the 5th Culinary Olympics.
In 1992 I became the member of the Hungarian National Gastronomical Team and I am founder and professional/ technical leader of the regional Gastro-Art Team.



1979-198: 31 times, gold medal winner of national championships
1982: “Junior Master of Profession” title
1988: “Master Chef” title
1988: Nestle “Golden Hat” award, 3 gold medals
1992: Frankfurt Culinary Olympics, individual gold medal
1993: Basel Culinary World Championship, team silver medal
1993: Culinary European Championship, Karlsruhe, 3 individual gold medals and the “ Best of the day” special award
1993: Gastronomical European Cup, team gold medal
1994: Luxemburg Culinary World Championship, team bronze, two individual silver and 3 individual gold medals
1995: 3rd National Gastronomical Championship, “Golden Hat” award and 3 god medals
1995: Received the title of “ Royal Chef” and with that the Royal Signet Ring
1996: Culinary Olympics, Berlin, team bronze, 1 individual bronze and 4 individual gold medals
1998: Received the highest honor given by the Hungarian National Gastronomical Committee “ Venesz Award”
2000: I founded the regional “ Gastro-Art” which’s members are multiple European, World and Olympic champions.
2000: Culinary Olympics, Erfurt, team silver, 2 individual silver and 3 individual gold medals
2002: “ Honorary Citizen” of Fulopszallas
2002: Culinary World Championship, Luxemburg, team silver, 5 individual gold, 2 individual silver and 1 individual bronze medals
2003: the honor of “ Most successful competitor of the World Championship”
2003: Received the Hungarian Republic Golden Cross of Distinction and the medal of Honor.
2003: Elected board member of the Hungarian National Gastronomical Committee and member of the jury
2004: Culinary Olympics, Erfurt, team silver, 1 individual bronze, 1 individual silver and 2 individual gold medals
2005: Elected President of the Hungarian National Gastronomical Committee
2006: Guinness World Record, the largest composition made out of carved fruits and vegetables, Kecskemet
2006: Elected member of the first Hungarian National Order of Knighthood of the White Table
2007: The title of the gastronomical expert of the year

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